REVV Token — Allocation Explainer and Release Schedule

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This week, to prepare for the imminent offering on Uniswap (see the REVV website), we completed the mainnet deployment and minting for the REVV ERC-20 token, creating a total supply of 3,000,000,000 REVV tokens.

With the token freshly minted, we now want to go into detail on how these wallets relate to the allocations detailed on the REVV website.

You can view the wallet addresses here on Etherscan:

Wallet Breakdown

We essentially have 2 address groups: one group for the overall token allocation (the Main Allocation, which is the total supply), and one group specifically for F1® Delta Time.

The REVV from the wallet address group serving F1® Delta Time has already been allocated to the separate F1® Delta Time pools, as the game is already available.

Main Allocation

Reserve A: 650,000,000: 0x6cda3bb72b9f4ad691b05cab5aa904a0fbb9e7d5

Reserve B: 650,000,000: 0x59c6a2f6dc758dc5c5567733cbb49da7fdde3cbb

Team & Advisors: 300,000,000: 0x8ec76b0099cbdc48bd19c57a263a0b527ae74890

Initial DEX Offering: 250,000,000: 0x38143a27af08935e3629232de8da513be301a694

Player Reward Reserve: 250,000,000: 0x5a1294196008dff5ce68d19e88d9b31e6edad7c5

Allocation Reference:

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As part of the Initial 250,000,000 DEX Offering on Uniswap, 150,000,000 REVV was sold at a rate of US$0.00666 to strategic partners and liquidity providers. Two thirds of that total (100,000,000 REVV) is locked, and is being released over a period of 3 months starting from 4 September 2020*.

When REVV launches on Uniswap, we will provide an initial liquidity of ~7,500,000 REVV, starting at $0.00666 each. This is in addition to the flash sale of 7,500,000 tokens to NFT owners that occurred before launch.

F1® Delta Time Allocation

Reserve: 200,000,000 0x2d8ecd9ee7a5fdf2fd78634ce413601b0357db19

Game Operations: 249,980,000 0xa412fda7d40cab0256d4054ae4e169457764dd2e

Staking: 30,020,000: 0x80b12bd0f1793bf6cea767fa83eb2068eaa17dc8

Marketing & Operations: 20,000,000: 0x660b19a931713f4ad646ca1c008dea900e1bf9cf


Allocation Reference:

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Full REVV Release Schedule

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You can find out more about REVV in our Light Paper. We will be releasing the full White Paper in the coming days.

To keep up with REVV news and announcements, please join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter.

*Updated on 5 October 2020.

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